Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Energy 131, Labor productivity by power sources

Good data here from a good article from WUWT, What’sgreen, employs ten times as many people as the “fossil fuel industry” and fake? by David Middleton, November 18, 2019. He showed these beautiful charts and tables. Many people think that oil, gas and coal are evil? What?

1. Petrochemical products flow chart.
 Source: https://energi.media/news/petrochemical-products-in-everyday-life/

2. Energy productivity in tons of oil equivalent (TOE) per job.

3. Energy productivity in tera-watt hours (TWH) per job.
Sources: Employment -- 2019 U.S. Energy and Employment Report; MTOE, TWH -- BP 2019 Statistical Review of World Energy.

Source: 2019 U.S. Energy and Employment Report.

If you employ many people even though your actual energy production is low, it means only one thing -- your industry has low productivity and bloated with unnecessary labor -- tons of consultants, PR guys and lobbyists?

That is the inevitable result when there is too much government intervention and legislation, high politics in energy development and pricing.

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