Friday, December 20, 2013

Weekend Fun 51: Martilyo Gang Jokes

A few days ago, a jewelry shop in SM North Edsa in Quezon City was robbed by a robbery group known as the “Martilyo Gang”. This group allegedly use martilyo (hammer) to break open the stalls and/or the glass boxes, steal and run away in crowded areas. 

After the incident, Pinoy humor strikes, as always. Like these jokes and images, taken from various sources in the web.

1. Sinong rapper ang bawal na ngayon pumasok sa mga malls sa Pinas? -- Si MC Hammer. (from Dennis Arroyo).

2. Anong SUV ang bawal ibenta malapit sa mga malls sa Pinas? The Hummer.

3. Sinong movie character ang bawal na rin sa mga movies in the malls? Si Thor.

4. Aside from gold, silver and other mineral products, what else to speculate in a stock or goods market? – Hammer. The price will certainly go up because it would be heavily regulated and become harder to get.

5. BAWAL NA NGAYON ang martilyo sa malls.
Pag bibili ka raw, sa labas mo na ito iki-claim.

At napangiti ang members ng MASO GANG.

6. DILG Sec. Mar Roxas suggested ordinance to ban hammers inside malls, also crowbars and other hardware materials. Ang galing ng logic ano?

7. New SM motto: We got everything here, except hammer.

8. SM ROBBERS inuna munang kunin ang mga pabango bago ang mga alahas.

Sa susunod mga kuyang, maligo muna bago magnakaw, ok?

* Note. ALL images here taken from the web, not one I have produced. Cheers.

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