Sunday, December 23, 2018

Climate Tricks 76, Greenpeace deception model

A good analysis of the GreenPeace (GP) business model was made by five scientist-authors including GP co-founder Patrick Moore. They noted that "Although Greenpeace relies heavily on marketing, advertising, and free market principles, they promote socialist and anti-capitalist ideals in their messaging."

They further observed, "Greenpeace is a very successful business. Their business model can be summarized as follows:

1. Invent an “environmental problem” which sounds somewhat plausible. Provide anecdotal evidence to support your claims, with emotionally powerful imagery.

2. Invent a “simple solution” for the problem which sounds somewhat plausible and emotionally appealing, but is physically unlikely to ever be implemented.

3. Pick an “enemy” and blame them for obstructing the implementation of the “solution”. Imply that anybody who disagrees with you is probably working for this enemy.

4. Dismiss any alternative “solutions” to your problem as “completely inadequate”."

The "simple solution" that GP along with WWF, UN, Al Gore, etc. always propose is more government, national and multilateral like the UN; more government regulations and taxation, subsidies to crony energy sources. I like this chart where the authors noted,

"Greenpeace’s average annual expenditure on “Climate change” over the last 10 years has been 
approximately $34 million/year. This means that Greenpeace’s annual “Climate campaign” expenditure is greater than the $31 million which Greenpeace claim that Exxon has spent on “funding climate denial” over the entire 1998-2014 period!"

The full report, "Analysis of Greenpeace’s business model & philosophy" by Dr. Michael Connolly, Dr. Ronan Connolly, Dr. Willie Soon, Dr. Patrick Moore and Dr. Imelda Connolly (December 2018), 75 pages,

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