Sunday, March 03, 2019

ALF 13, Some presentations in conf 2019

Unlike the EFN conferences that were focused on many public policy issues, ALF conferences don't have much on public policy as many panels are on fund-raising, setting up a new think tank, strengthening existing ones, etc. EFN events assumed that most participants have stable think tanks or known free market scholars and individuals already.

So below are some of the few pics and ppt slides presented in different panels, Sri Lanka conference last February 28 to March 01.

From Tom Palmer presentation, Cornerstone talks.

From Prof. Rohan Samarajiva (Chair, ICTA, Sri Lanka and Lirne Asia), "Are we afraid of opening up?" I was surprised to hear that socialist Sri Lanka allowed 100% foreign ownership of telecoms.

More players, more competition, more choices for consumers.

From Philip Stevens, panel on IPR for innovation and economic development.

From Rainer Heufers of CIPS Indonesia, same panel.


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