Monday, April 22, 2019

Top exports by selected rich countries

Original data is from the UN COMTRADE database on international trade, reposted in

1. USA. Good mixture of products, it is not highly dependent on just one or two major export products.

2. Japan. Known for exporting cars, buses, tractors, bulldozers, nuke tech.

3. China. There is no graphics shown, only table, here.

4. Germany. Somehow similar to Japan, exporting cars, buses, heavy machineries, nuke tech.

5. Russia. Nearly one half of its total exports are fossil fuel products -- oil, gas, coal.

Now if we go back to the "Trump is Putin puppet" aka "Trump-Russia collusion" hoax, the numbers above would show that it is an idiotic proposition. Russia is too dependent on fossil fuel exports and Trump campaigned to expand the US' fossil fuel exports. Why would Russia support Trump who can potentially cripple their main business? HRC, Obama and the Dems are the closer friends of Russia because of their "save the planet" and "keep oil on the ground" policy, explicit or implicit.

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