Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Four years as BWorld columnist

Exactly four years today that I have been a contributor/columnist in BusinessWorld, the Philippines' premier business newspaper, about 32 years old. I started with Weekender then Opinion sections.  Three guys helped me -- my former editor in, Arnold Tenorio, then Weekender (now Opinion) editor Ricky Torre, and Boojie Basilio (resigned Opinion editor). BWorld editor in chief Roby Alampay agreed of course when Ricky and Boojie accepted my regular contributions.

Today's issue of BWorld.

This is my first article, published on April 24, 2015 in Weekender. Just a repost because the orig link no longer works, is a sister, online only media of BWorld. My column there was entitled "Fat Free Economics" and my first article was posted on March 8, 2012. My editor then was Arnold Tenorio,

Thank you for the continuing trust, BusinessWorld.

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