Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Classless society because of far away storm

Local government units (LGUs) in M. Manila, other provinces and regions, are silent communists -- they want a "classless" society, as frequent as possible, with or without typhoons. Lousy. Should be among the results of climate alarmism. No rain or more rains, no flood or more floods, no cold or more cold, be alarmed, be scared, and we send more money to government and UN.

Today, NO storm signal in Metro Manila yet classes are suspended in ALL levels, kinder to college, wow. People are scared of rains? But June to October is rainy season, yearly, since thousands of years ago. July to Sept esp are months of bad rains and storms. If people are scared of rains, then classes should open in October or November, not June or July or August.

The typhoon is in Cagayan, hundreds of kilometers away from M.Manila, and a "classless society" is declared today all over M.Manila.

The old and existing rule on class cancellations:

Not even signal #1 in M. Manila and classes in ALL levels are suspended. One more reason why governments should not expand. Their expertise is social paralysis. Things should not move unless they give permits. Meanwhile a neighbor is drying clothes outside, no rains, not even shower, since around last midnight.
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