Saturday, December 18, 2010

Weekend Fun 5: Cats, Dogs and Harmony

To attain more harmony among men, sometimes we have to look at nature, and more specifically, at our pets. Like cats and dogs.

While the general notion, at least in the past, is that dogs and cats are "natural enemies" since they live in the same house of their masters and would tend to compete on several things like food, space, and their masters' attention. Or dogs tend to make fun of cats since the latter are smaller.

Here are photos -- all from the web, not one from my camera -- of dogs and cats harmony, or at least at the moment these photos were taken. The scenes are cute, or funny.

(I actually revised these photos, instead of individual photos, I mixed 3-4 in one frame to save space as I got more photos.)

Cat in the upper right photo seems to be in a non-playing mood but the dog isn't belligerent. I find the lower left photo funny, I'm smiling. :-)

Caption on the lower left photo is funny, one cat ponders, "I think there's a spy among us", hahaha. Lower right, the dog cannot complain, the master is right beside them.

Ok, enough of dog-cats. Below are just about dogs, their funny poses, again, all from the web. Here they go.

Happy weekend.

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