Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Notes 8: The 12 Days of Christmas

During the Christmas Party of the DLSU Political Science Department faculty members and staff middle oif this month, I sang this during the Karaoke and singing session. My wife teaches at the department. Many if not all faculty members there are pro-RH bill, now a law, so note the 5th day -- satire for me, not a praise :-)

The 12 Days of Christmas

On the __ day of Christmas government said to me:

1st -- More taxes to pay public debt.
2nd -- More borrowings, and 
3rd -- P2 trillion budget...

(So the last part of the song would look like this)

12th -- Fight climate change
11th -- More Congress districts
10th -- Cyber crime law
9th -- More sin taxes
8th -- K-12 for students
7th -- Philhealth for the poor
6th -- CCT the poor
5th -- Viva RH bill
4th -- Condoms for the poor
3rd -- P2 trillion budget
2nd -- More borrowings, and 
1st -- More taxes to pay public debtr

I attended only a few Christmas parties this year, something like six: with Gina L, Ozone A, other friends; the UPSE alumni reunion party,  my sister's auditing firm, DLSU Pol Sci., my rotary club, and my own family on the 24th evening. 

It's good that it has been rather cloudy if not wet on many days of the month.  

Preparing for the new year. Hope it will be better than this year.

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