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Tax Cut 14: APTU Meeting in Bangkok, March 1-2

The Asia-Pacific Taxpayers Union (APTU) meeting will be held in Bangkok this coming March 1-2. I got this notice and invite from a good friend, the Chairman of APTU and Sec-Gen. of the World Taxpayers Association (WTA, http://worldtaxpayers.org/), Mr. Bjorn Tarras-Wahlberg.

I met Bjorn first time in Seoul, S. Korea in October 2006 for the APTU meeting. I was then an official of the Philippine Taxpayers Union (PTU) headed by Mr. Veredigno "Vernie" Atienza. Photo here from left: Bjorn, Grover Norquist of the Americans for Tax Reforms (ATR, http://atr.org) during the Pacific Rim Policy Exchange in October 2009 in Singapore.

I realized I could not do my function well with PTU as I was also busy with Minimal Government Thinkers, so I told Vernie that I have to leave PTU but will work with it in its main advocacy -- to have a low, flat income tax (corporate and personal) in the Philippines. Abolition of income tax is actually possible as the government has dozens of various consumption-based and business taxes and fees, both national and local government units.

Bjorn came to Manila a few  times in 2009 and 2010. I was able to join him and Vernie in his meeting with former DOF Secretary Gary Teves (my former boss in Congress and in Think Tank, Inc.) and at Bjorn's talk at the Rotary Club of Rizal West, among his other activities here.

Additional photo also during the Singapore conference in 2009, Mr. Kim Sun-taek (middle), President of the Korea Taxpayers Association (KTA); the girl beside her was his English interpreter as Mr. Kim does not speak English. Next to Mr. Kim is Jargal Dambadarjaa of the Mongolians for Fair Taxes and Wise Spending, and Ms. Jamie White, then head of the Grassroot Institute Hawaii.

I told Bjorn that I cannot attend the Bangkok meeting this coming March due to my limited financial resources now. But I will try to blog and write about this important meeting. Below is the conference agenda and other details.

Asia-Pacific Taxpayers Union Conference 1-2 March 2013
                      Hows to get Members & Money

                                  Pan Pacific Service Suites,
                  Eight Thonglor, Sukhumvit Soi 55, Bangkok

All taxpayers associations in the world, and their specialists, are invited to the Asia-Pacific Taxpayers Union Conference in Bangkok for a 2-days meeting, Friday-Saturday March 1-2. 
No Conference Fee.

Arrival: Thursday Feb 28. Welcome Drinks from 7 p.m. followed by dinner.
Departure: Sunday March 3 or when it suites you. Earlier arrival and longer stays are possible.

Regional meetings for taxpayers associations in Asia and the Pacific have taken place since 1995. In this part of the world you find taxpayers associations in Australia, China, Georgia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, the Philippines, Pakistan, South Korea and Turkey.

Agenda: Friday 1 – Saturday 2 March

1. Presentations with information of latest achievements from participating associations
2. The 100-years history of taxpayers associations (Mr Bjorn T-W, World Taxpayers Associations
3. “Replace Income Tax by Consumption Tax” (Mr Bjorn T-W)
4. Protect the Flat Income Tax - now under fire in many countries (Mr Bjorn T-W)

     How to get Members & Money
5. Creating a Strategic Plan that Works (Mr Troy Lanigan, Canadian Taxpayers Federation) 
6. Different Techniques for Getting Members (Mr Bjorn T-W)
7. Empower your Donors to Fulfill Their Wishes - the different fundraising in Canada (Mr T. Lanigan)  
8. How Beijing Taxpayers manage to get 170.000 members and how extensive service can finance the organization,
now developing independent taxpayers associations all over China (Mr F. Liu, China)
9. How South Korea has achieved 1.300.000 internet members and how these are used and managed (Mr. Kim Sun Taek, Korea Taxpayers Association)
10. How a taxpayers association can work in developing countries (Mr Otieno Igogo, Tanzania Taxpayers)

      Better communication
11. How to Get Free Publicity with Creativity. (Mr Raymond Ho Man Kit, Momentum 107, Hong Kong)
12. Establishing a better Communication system between all APTU-members (Mr Fengjiang Liu, China)

13. Opportunity for paying APTU-members to communicate with members in other countries (Mr Fengjiang Liu, Beijing Taxpayers)
14. News in the Chinese tax system (Ms Qiao Shuping)

      Exchange of printed material
15. Exchange of magazine, books and other material between the member associations.
      Bring your samples to Bangkok (Mr. Fengjiang Liu, Beijing Taxpayers)

      Formal Issues & Elections
16. Report from the World Taxpayers Conference in May in Kiev. Words of welcome to the World Taxpayers Conference in Vancouver, Canada 29 - 31 May 2014 (Mr. Troy Lanigan)
…. Other issues

Hotel & Conference in the same building
15 min walk from Sky Train Station “Thonglor” (Close to stations Asok and Nana).
We offer reduced hotel prices incl. taxes & service, big breakfast, internet, gym and pool etc.
- Executive Suites (Studio 37 sqm) Baht 3.500 net/night (USD 117).

- One bedroom Suites (61 sqm) Baht 4.200 net/night (USD 140).
Cheaper hotels are also available. Urgent booking of hotels are requested.

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