Saturday, December 28, 2019

Climate Tricks 90, Forecast in 2004 of apocalypse by 2020

February 2004, climate alarmism at the Pentagon painted catastrophe by year 2020, that's next week, wow.

Remember also in June 1989 or 30 1/2 years ago, that the US Pentagon has declared warming catastrophe by 2000 or 19 years ago.

No catastrophe, no cry baby, life goes on.

Many governments and the UN remain hopelessly dishonest and invent all types of alarmism whether there is less rain or more rain, less snow or more snow, less storms and more storms. Shame.

And last January 2019, Congw AOC declared that global catastrophe will occur within 12 years. One year has passed, only 11 years left? hahaha.

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