Monday, December 09, 2019

Climate Tricks 89, Fear of principled inaction vs alarmism

President Trump is a brave man. His inaction -- on more carbon tax, more US taxpayers money to UN climacrats and endless climate junkets, more global ecological central planning -- is too politically risky yet he pursues it. Some related news reports here.

(1) Principled Inaction in the Face of Climate Change Extremism.
President Trump’s courageous commitment to America first on the issue of energy emissions.
By Gregory Wrightstone  on December 2, 2019

"President Trump’s refusal to cosign radical climate extremism is a courageous gesture of principled inaction."

Last week, the UN sounded they want more climate money, want US taxpayers should also send them more money.

(2) U.N. Cries Poor [Again]: Issues Unprecedented $29 Billion Emergency Funding Appeal
By SIMON KENT  4 Dec 2019

“The cash-strapped United Nations has issued an unprecedented global appeal for funds, claiming Wednesday it needs an immediate injection of $29 billion of global taxpayer money as “climate change” and global conflicts pressure existing budgets.”

Meanwhile, Princeton physicist Will Happer, former Senior Director at the National Security Council, finished his term at the WH and went back to academe said this:

“[Mr. Trump] is very sympathetic to trying to get some more rationality into climate policies. Personally, he feels very strongly that way. Many of the people in the White House who advise him are nervous about the political implications of that, which I can understand, too.”

(3) Ex-Trump official: White House aides too 'nervous' about fallout to dispute 'climate crisis' claims
Princeton's Will Happer praises Trump for seeking to bring 'rationality into climate policies'
By Valerie Richardson - The Washington Times - Wednesday, December 4, 2019

(4) Democrats fly to Madrid to conceal Paris Agreement’s colossal failure from Americans
Guest essay by Larry Hamlin   December 3, 2019

Pelosi Will Always Have Paris
By The Editorial Board  Dec. 2, 2019 7:00 pm ET

“President Trump didn’t jet off to Madrid for this week’s United Nations climate klatsch, but Nancy Pelosi brought a congressional delegation..."

(5) US Becomes A Net Fossil Fuel Exporter Under Trump As His Dem Opponents Vow To Bludgeon Big Oil
CHRIS WHITE   December 03, 2019  12:16 PM ET

"The U.S. exported roughly 89,000 barrels of fossil fuels per day during September, according to data the Energy Information Administration (EIA) released Nov. 29. That’s the first full month the U.S. has exported more than it imported since the U.S. began tracking such data in 1949."

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