Thursday, July 01, 2010

Ethanol and climate irrationality

There is one news report today in the Philippines that "Supply lack may derail biofuels thrust",

The Energy department is worried that the lack of supply of ethanol and biodiesel will derail the "Biofuels Act of 2006" as there is very low domestic supply of biofuels. And yet the law requires that ethanol should consitute at least 10 percent of gasoline products by next year.

(picture downloaded from the web)

So what will the government do now, convert more forest land into ethanol and biodiesel plantation to "save the planet"? Or convert more lands from coconut, rice, corn, sugarcane, banana, etc., we will have less food for people and farm animals to feed cars? Climate alarmism is wrecking more irrationality on the people.

There is huge political and business interests capitalizing on climate alarmism, that is why they pushed hard the mandatory ethanol and biodiesel content local fuel products in the law. They make huge money from this. Poor Filipinos, will suffer rising food prices as more lands will be diverted to feeding cars and trucks, not people.

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