Friday, July 23, 2010

UST forum with Tom Palmer, July 16

A good friend, Dr. Alvin Ang, Professor of Economics at the University of Santo Tomas (UST), the oldest university in Asia -- it will turn 400 years old next year -- is among the first persons that comes to my mind if I have visitor-friends from abroad who are great free marketers. Alvin used to be the Director of UST's Social Research Center (SRC). Now he is the Director, Research Cluster for Cultural, Educational and Social Issues of UST.

Upon seeing Tom Palmer's credentials, Alvin contacted another department in UST and a student organization to help co-sponsor Tom's talk. The Social Sciences Department, SRC and the Artlets Economics Society jointly sponsored the event, in coordination with Minimal Government Thinkers, Inc.

The venue was big, some 200+ students of Economics, Political Science and Philosophy came. Tom's presentation was entitled "Liberty, limited government and the rule of law in the wake of the global economic crisis," downloadable at The reactors were Dr. Ernesto Gonzales of Economics Department, Dr. Robert Montana of Philosophy Department, and Prof. Zenia Rodriguez of Political Science Department.

A number of students asked both practical and theoretical questions. Great young minds at UST!

Below, Alvin gave the certificate of appreciation to Tom. Looking on was Dr. EJ Lopez, also a faculty member at the Economics Department.

Hats off to Alvin's leadership, other faculty members' support and UST students' intelligent participation.

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