Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Helpful Government Personnel

Helpful government personnel. I think there are many of them in the Philippines, thanks to them. I met this man about three weeks ago. He has already retired from government, receiving his monthly pension but not having much to do at home, he frequently returns to his previous office and helps people, the public, in anyway he can. For free.

His name is "Croox", jolly and cheerful guy. He retired from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), he has helped me secure certain government documents including a notarized copy by the Saudi Embassy, for a Special Power of Atty (SPA) of my younger brother authorizing an officemate of his deceased wife in a hospital in Saudi, to get her benefit package. My sister in law, a nurse in a Saudi government hospital in Riyadh, died of MERS-CoV nearly two months ago. See On MERS CoV and OFWs.

Croox would spend his own money to go to DFA, then Saudi embassy, to follow up papers. I am one of the many people that he has helped for free. Thanks a lot Croox.

And this is DFA Asst. Secretary for Legal Affairs, Eddie de Vega. A friend way back in the 80s in UP Diliman undergrad. He helped me in various ways, outside of his function, which are various legal concerns of the DFA. He also introduced me to some guys at the Office of UnderSec for Migrant Workers Affairs (OUMWA). That is where I met Croox, and Roel Carlos.

While I can secure the DFA seal as Ed can help me, it is difficult to get the Saudi Embassy's notary seal for the SPA because of its own bureaucracy. That is where Croox comes in, to help Filipinos secure certain documents faster from certain foreign embassies in Manila as the guys there know Croox and trust him.

Ed liked the smile of my young girl, Bien Mary, whom I brought to DFA as there is no one in the house to watch her that day. Ed said he cherishes Croox as one of his all-time favorite officemates, way back in the mid-90's.

I think Croox wants to disprove that all croox are bad :-) I posted our photo above in my facebook wall and many friends either liked it or commented positively about him. I texted him about it, he replied that "tumutulong lang ako, maluwag sa kalooban ko."  

Public recognition and admiration is his reward. 
Cheers Croox.

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