Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trump and Clinton, Obama and "change is coming" promise

Congratulations, President Trump. Election is done, good luck to tons of work to do.

Meanwhile,  what happened to "hope and change" and "change is coming" under 8 years of Pres. Obama? If the desired change has come, it should be Pres. Hillary Clinton. So it was the undesired change that came after 8 years?

I am reposting some comments below to help dig some answers to the two questions that I posed:

(1) Dr. Roy W. Spencer:  "... I would have preferred a "real" conservative, too, but NONE of them had the balls to tap into the populist discontent that's out there. The fact that Trump can shoot himself in the foot over and over and still come out on top means the GOP is missing something.

The GOP as currently configured is dead, and the professional conservative pundits (like George Will) need to understand this...the sooner the better. (4) Pat Buchanan gets it:"

(2) Todd F: On a 0 to 10 scale of nastiness, Trump probably gets an 8. The thing is, Hillary would get an 11. She's the single nastiest, most corrupt person ever nominated to the Presidency. As for change, America hasn't been this divided since 1860, and we know how that tuned out.

(3) Peter S:  People seem to have grown tired of all the lies and corruption, and despite their best efforts, it looks like the Democrats couldn't cheat their way to victory. This is a win for Democracy already. I wish the Republicans would have fielded a better candidate than Trump, but it shows how dysfunctional Washington as a whole is.

(4) Bruce H.:  "Republicans are in their strongest position in nearly 90 years. For the first time since 1928, Republicans will control the presidency, US House and US Senate as well as the overwhelming majority of governors, state houses and state senates. Trump of course departs from much of traditional conservative principles, still held by many of those Republican lawmakers, and so there are clashes to come. But still it is an historically strong position for the party. The Republicans haven't been this influential for a long, long time."

If the PH election is also 2-party like the US, then it would be like Binay (proxy for Hillary) and Duterte (proxy for Trump). The former is very popular but very corrupt, the latter is also popular but very nasty. Difference bet Du30 and Trump is that the latter does not talk about mass murders like "I killed 1,700 criminals in Davao", and if he becomes President, he will "kill 100,000 drug criminals."

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