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Climate Tricks 54, Forcing the linkage between climate change and dengue

A friend from UP, Oggie Arcenas, wrote this discussion note at the UPSE website. In  his concluding notes, he  wrote,

"La Niña phenomenon is positively (and significantly) associated with dengue cases. La Niña, as widely known, is “cooling” of surface water temperature, inducing an abnormal cycle and intensity of dryness and wetness in different parts of the world. Although La Niña does happen naturally, its increasing frequency is attributed to general global warming."

Some brief comments here.

1. "La Niña, as widely known, is “cooling” of surface water temperature" Vague. La Nina (and El Nino) is cooling (and warming) of Pacific Ocean's Nino Region 3.4 only. Nino Regions 1, 2 not included, Atlantic Ocean or Arctic or Indian Oceans not included. So it is not just any "surface water temp."

2. "La Nina... increasing frequency", Wrong. La Nina and El Nino happen in cycles, each occur every 5-6 years on average.

3. "general global warming." If you mean "unprecedented, unequivocal warming", Wrong. Global warming-global cooling happen in cycles, natural climate cycles, with or without humanity's SUVs or bicycles. The medieval warm period, Roman warm period, Minoan warm period, produced a planet that was much warmer than the modern (or past century's) warm period.

4. "government action, in this regard, would have to be in the form of climate change-proofing the country." ????
Government, the UN, environmentalists, etc. can prevent or control less rain or no rain or more rain? They can control and fight less flood, no flood or more flood, that happen naturally in cycles since millions or even that past 4.6 billion years ago? weird.

A good reminder but many militant environmentalists and planet saviors oppose until now. From WUWT, Zika and Climate

"A good start to controlling mosquito borne diseases, might be to remove the pointless bureaucratic obstacles to spraying DDT, one of the most effective anti-mosquito chemicals ever developed.

Use of DDT was almost outlawed after vigorous scare campaigns by green groups, but this much maligned chemical is harmless to humans. Professor Kenneth Mellanby, who campaigned for the use of DDT in the 1940s, used to eat a substantial pinch of concentrated DDT as part of his demonstration. Mellanby did not suffer any health problems from his massive consumption of DDT – he died in 1993, at the age of 85 years." 

An economics study on malaria, Average Household Size and the Eradication of Malaria by  Lena Huldén, Ross McKitrick and Larry Huldén, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A, October 2013. 

The paper's findings can apply to dengue, other mosquito-borne diseases. With 4 charts and 2 tables.

I can understand the "climate leaning" of studies from UP and many other colleges and universities. These are mostly USAID, UN, ADB, WHO-funded research projects and all of these institutions peddle the "man-made" CC only. Do not insist the natural or cyclical nature of CC, the "nature-made"CC, there is zero funding from these institutions. So peer-review process will be very limited.

I do not blame Oggie or many other UP economists. The mother of all corruption in the planet is the UN, at least on the climate and energy policies. The corruption and political science aka as UN climate science permeates down to all multilateral and foreign aid agencies, from the WB and IMF down to ADB and regional banks; from UNEP and FCCC to WHO, UNDP, etc.

Paano ba naman, sabihin nila, no nature-made CC, only man-made CC. No global cooling, only global warming. Since it is "man-made" problem, then there are lots of "man-made solutions", doon na papasok sila UN with their global ecological central planning.

Everything in this planet is about natural cycles: day-night cycle, wet-dry cycle, El Nino-La Nina cycle, winter-spring-summer-fall cycle, hydrologic cycle, carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, solar cycle, lunar cycle,... Tapos walang climate cycle, only "unprecedented, unequivocal man-made warming", 100% political science na.

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