Sunday, May 20, 2018

8 years of "Hope and change" vs 1 year of Trump

I see many people still glamorize the 8 years of "hope and change" in the US when it did not have a single year of GDP growth of 3%. Many policies were simply anti-business. From 2009-2016 of "hope and change," these countries achieved growth of 3% or higher: Canada and Germany 2x, UK and Japan once, USA zero. China, it kept humming at 6-10% growth.

Last year, the US was estimated to grow at 2.2%.

Joblessness, four years before "hope and change", the US has a low unemployment rate of 5% average. Things drastically change in the first term of "hope and change", US unemployment rates almost doubled and were higher than perennially high unemployment Germany and Canada.

By the 2nd term of "hope and change", US rates have declined but still higher than Germany, Japan.

Posting this because some people still think that it should be the candidate of "hope and change", Hillary! Hillary! Hillary! who should be US President so she can continue the high taxes, high bureaucracies, high energy prices to 'save the planet' and related policies. They cannot accept that many US voters were just dissatisfied with 8 years of "hope and change" and do not want its candidate to continue the lousy policies. So they blame Russia and Putin, agh.

Obama is a good orator but many US economic numbers do not match his glorified speeches. Many of his policies are anti-business, anti-job creation and divisive.

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