Sunday, May 20, 2018

AsPac markets, PH and ID worst performing ytd

As-Pac stockmarkets as of last Friday closing:

(1) Year to date (ytd, January 1 to May 18), worst performing are PH (-10.4%) and ID (-9%); best performing are HK (3.8%) and MY (3.2%).

(2) 52 weeks (May 18, 2017 to May 18, 2018), worst records are Sri Lanka (-3.8%) and PH (-1.2%); best records are HK (23.3%) and DJ CN (19.2%).

(3) Past 3 years (May 2015 to May 2018), worst achievers are Shanghai (-9.3%) and Sri Lanka (-3.6%); best achievers are NZ (14.5%) and India (8%). PH down, -1%. Gains of the previous admin so far have been erased by the current admin.


Notice that Indonesia wants to overtake the PH as worst performer ytd, why? My Indonesian friend, Dr. Aco Patunru has a quick explanation -- recent bombing, military (and paramilitary) shows of force, anti-import rhetorics etc.

Rising world oil prices and US rate hikes cannot be the reasons because these affect all countries not just PH and ID and yet other countries are not so adversely affected. The main explanations should be internal/domestic. In the PH, it's the continuing Du30 indirect attacks on business -- closure of Boracay for six months, high taxes on energy (oil, lpg, coal, VAT on transmission), other products, continuing uncertainty due to TRAIN 2, recent diplomatic war with Kuwait, etc. 

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