Sunday, May 20, 2018

Energy 108, On mandatory solar roof in California

I saw this news from LA Times two weeks ago, discussed by WUWT.

California heads toward requiring solar panels on all new houses
By ANDREW KHOURI  MAY 08, 2018 | 4:55 PM 

California to force new home owners to buy solar panels
Anthony Watts / 9, 2018

What political socialism cannot achieve in America in terms of more command and control, ecological socialism can. Bonker, a proposal that ALL new houses in California must have solar roof, that means all new houses must cut and kill all nearby tall trees. Because solar hates shades -- from clouds, rains and tall trees. Shades automatically reduce the efficiency of solar.

Most environmentalists say, "Plant trees to save the planet." Solar developers and advocates say, "Remove/kill all nearby trees to save the planet."

Green, trees -- people can see birds, butterflies, squirrels, etc hopping/flying from branch to branch, or tree to tree. Solar has little or zero tolerance for tall trees with tall, wide shades. Solar is fake "green."

A solid anti-fossil fuel believer Filipino friend living in California, Joe Real, commented in my fb wall that "You have a twisted sense of logic my friend! Ha ha ha ha. Solar panels are twenty times more efficient than trees at capturing the energy of the sun! Basic Scientific Fact!"

It's good he confirmed it, that solar is fake green. That to get energy efficient solar, one must cut if not kill all nearby tall trees. Since he hates fossil fuels, from California to Manila or other far away cities in the planet, he and his fellow anti-oil campaigners and lobbyists should be riding solar planes or planes using water, or uber-kites, uber-brooms, any flying object that does not use fossil fuel.

Solar in desert may be understandable. But in this proposed CA new law, solar roof for ALL new houses will be mandatory. All the fakes and hypocrisy of the "greenies" or watermelon (green outside, red inside) and ecological socialist movement.

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