Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Rise in PH public debt stock by administration

Growth of PH public debt stock, various administrations contributed: Cory Aquino P448B, Fidel Ramos P824B, Erap Estrada P1,080B, Gloria Arroyo1 P1,765B, Gloria Arroyo2 P622B, Benigno Aquino P1,336B, Duterte year1 P527B. If this trend continues, Duterte 6 years will add P3,162B.

Now there is a post by Brondial shared 3,800+ by the DDS camp, implying that public debt started only during the Gloria Arroyo administration and B. Aquino admin added P4 trillion while Duterte year 1 added only P0.7 trillion to the PH outstanding public debt. Bogo.

And yet many people gladly share the disinformation and stupidity.

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