Thursday, October 04, 2018

Scam on UN-Federal government "grant"

Last week I got a friend request in fb from Curtin Winsor Jr., I accepted because he's a former Atlas Director. But I noticed that his profile has no work or profession, no address, no posting.

Then he said that he's helping friends secure a $100,000 and up grant from the UN and US federal government. Purpose is to help people start a business, repair a house, etc. then he gave me a tel no. that I must text and he will follow through.

I inquired what's the name of that office, address, email add to write inquiries, he said there's no email add, only a number where he also got a $100,000 cash grant, and recipients or beneficiaries won't have to repay.

Too good to be true, right? No email, no formal correspondence, just text the number and he will follow through and I'll get a huge grant, wow. So I became suspicious. Then he kept emailing me if I already texted the number he gave -- "+1320 334-8025 ... Do it now so I can be putting you through how it works."

I asked some friends and indeed Mr. Winsor may not even be on fb. The profile has no name, only the photo of Mr. Winsor and this link,

Yesterday, all his pm to me were gone, instead this notice replaced all his pm, "This message has been temporarily removed because the sender's account requires verification."

Lesson -- when it's too good to be true, very likely it's a scam. I was smiling whether to text that number, I did not, of course. Why would I ask or apply for UN or US government money when I advocate minimal government, minimal taxes? 

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