Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Treehouse and agro-forestry

I took these photos today of my treehouse in the farm in Bugallon, Pangasinan. It's now 14 years old.

And view from the 2nd floor of my treehouse overlooking a field of gold, mature rice ready to be harvested. The farm caretaker Nong Endring and his partner-farmer planted the rice.

Closer view of the treehouse. It is perched on a big, live mahogany tree. The trees around it except the front view are mostly mahogany.

No electricity in the area so a bit lonely at night but very quiet except for some chirping insects, a dog barking from time to time. I don't sleep there anymore at night when I visit the farm. Other parts of the farm are planted with mature mango trees.

Nong Endring said they expect small harvest here because a new pest has attacked the rice when it started producing the grains, so there are fewer mature grains now. This is among the problems of non-mono-culture, pests (including rats, maya birds, etc.) hiding or residing in nearby trees and grasses can attack the crops. Mono-culture can deprive these pests to establish elaborate hiding areas.

Again, this is NOT my farm, I don't own it, Millora Enterprises own it. I just visit it regularly, the Millora family is my second family in Manila.

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