Monday, October 01, 2018

Intolerance and self-righteousness by many US Dems and supporters

Today, a friend posted supporting the bullying of Sen. Ted Cruz and wife by some Dems activists/supporters, I commented on it. See the rest of exchange, the language in particular of this Dino Abellanosa.

People love to brag and announce their self-righteousness and insecurity. So be it.


ToddF said...

Ironic that when I see this, I think of the Philippines, where violence against politicians is normalized.

By the way, why is Dino in America, if it's such a horrible place? He obviously hates Western Civilization. Maybe he should to go where the rule of law has been replaced with violence? I hear the real estate is cheap in Mindanao. Maybe parts of the northern mountains, where the losers in the political process extract "taxes" at the point of the gun.

That is what results when the losers of politics turn to violence, as your hysterical friend is supporting.

Bienvenido Oplas Jr said...

Thanks Todd. I don't know if this Dino is in the US or in PH. Doesn't matter now, their intolerance, hatred to contrary opinion is globalized.