Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Filipino free market blogs, part 2

Is the free market voice and perspective gaining some foothold in the Philippines?

I would like to think that the answer is: Yes, somehow. Why?

Four free market blogs by Filipinos are ranking good in the alexa.com global traffic rank. Three of them are with blogger/google, the other one is with wordpress. Please note that blogger, and I'm not sure if wordpress too, is banned in China, along with facebook and other famous global social networking sites.

Thus, if your blog has ".blogger.com" address to it, thousands, and possibly millions, of potential readers from China cannot see your blog. This reduces your global viewership. One can add therefore, that if the Chinese communist government has not banned blogger there, the global traffic rank of your blog would be higher than its current rank. Nice consolation.

Anyway, I checked again this afternoon the alexa.com's global traffic rank and any brief discussion by alexa, here is the result.

1. Government and Taxes, http://funwithgovernment.blogspot.com

"… We estimate that 54% of the site's visitors are in the US, where it has attained a traffic rank of 494,821."
1 month 1,495,303
3 month 2,143,082

2. The Vincenton Post, http://fvdb.wordpress.com

"… We estimate that 39% of its visitors are in the US, where it has attained a traffic rank of 684,401."
1 month 1,657,948
3 month 2,388,381

3. Prudent Investor Newsletters, http://prudentinvestornewsletters.blogspot.com

1 month 1,985,848
3 month 3,111,745

4. Colorful Rag, http://colorfulrag.blogspot.com

1 month 7,353,863
3 month 12,091,475

Now, the Filipino Freedom Fighter blog, http://filipinofreedomfighter09.blogspot.com, has no global traffic rank yet. The owner, a university student here in Manila, has been busy with his studies the past few months, he stopped blogging for about 3 months. Now that it's summer break, he resumed blogging. I saw his papers last month and this month, I believe that it's on its way to joining the above 4 blogs in getting high viewership someday.

Keep writing, FFF.

Then there is HarryLeaks, http://harryleaks.blogspot.com/. The owner, Harry Santos, is another young freedom-loving Filipino. He is more busy with his other blog, Beating the Search Engine, http://beatingthesearchengine.blogspot.com/ that is getting thousands of pageviews per week. But his political and philosophical views are expressed in HarryLeaks.

For other Filipino freedom loving individuals, whether here in the Philippines or abroad, may I urge you to start blogging. If you have an existing blog now, just keep writing. In my case for instance, it took me more than 5 years to reach the current ranking.

But it's not the ranking that counts. It's the freedom and achievement of expressing oneself. Of letting our friends, acquaintances, and later on, other people whom we do not know, of the value of advancing individual freedom, individual liberty, individual expression.

(See my discussion last month, Filipino free market blogs)

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