Saturday, November 30, 2013

Weekend Fun 50: Pacquiao, Rios and Pacman U.

Some jokes after Manny Pacquiao beat Brandon Rios last Sunday in Macau.

Brandon Rios started the fight looking like Dennis Trillo, in round 10 he's starting to look like Korina Sanchez. -- @djmotwister 

Dear Pacman, Congrats.
Stick to boxing, stay away from politics .
Yer a great boxer... but as a congressman, yer useless.
-- Monsignor Arturo

Manny Pacquiao will pursue putting up "Pacman University", but not in Gen Santos, it will be built in Tacloban, Leyte to help the typhoon victims. It will be called "Pac U" for short. Students will be called Pacquers. Univ. Administrator willl be Nanay Dionisia, she will be called "Mother Pacquer"
-- an old joke. 

The colleges at Pac U:

Pacman University neo-Mechanical Engineering (Pac U n ME)

Pacman University Academy of Social Sciences (Pac Ur ASS)

Pacman Arts, Letters and Literature of the University (Pac ALL of U)*

Pacman University Board of Investigative Reporting (Pac U BIR) *

Pacman University Kinetics Institute of Mechanics and Humanities (Pac U KIM H.) *

* I invented these three J

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