Sunday, October 26, 2014

Birthday 2014

Friends and family members, thank you very much for your greetings. Really appreciate them.

This week, I received 400+ greetings, mostly in facebook (wall posts + private mails), by SMS, and a few by email. Among the funny greetings are these. The beer greetings are from my mountaineering buddy Raymond Asanza.

On my birthday, 257 friends greeted me in my fb wall. That's for 24 hours of that day. It excludes private mails. Then there are belated greetings until today, and possibly until tomorrow.

My wife treated me and the two girls to a birthday dinner on a nice resto-bar at one of Makati's new hotels.

Nice view at the 32nd floor of City Gardens Hotel at Makati Avenue. We didn't eat much as the two girls came from an early Halloween and trick or treat parties and ate there. It was our first visit to this place.

Again, thank you all friends for your greetings. Before, my favorite greetings to some friends on their birthday is this: May a million fleas infest the armpit and pubic hair of people who will annoy you today and the rest of the week.

It generally makes them smile or laugh. Below are some funny quotes on birthday.

"Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that people who have the most birthdays live the longest" -- Larry Lorenzoni

"I'm a little bit older, a little bit wiser, a little bit rounder, but still none the wiser" -- Robert Paul.

"Wisdom doesn't automatically come with old age. Nothing does, except wrinkles. It's true that some wines improve with age, but only if the grapes were good in the first place" -- Abigail Van Buren.

"Here is the test to find whether your mission on earth is finished. If you're alive, it isn't" -- Richard Bach.

"having reached the milestone age of 60, what am I thankful for? The more I think about it, the more obvious the answer is—EVERYTHING, or just about.... I spend a lot more time counting my own blessings than I do counting the other guy’s. This, to me, is the essence of living free and being happy at it."-- Lawrence "Larry" Reed (quote made in 2013)

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