Thursday, May 19, 2016

UP Libertad to be launched on May 20

The first and only free market student organization at the University of the Philippines, UP Libertad, will be launched this Friday, May 20, at UP NCPAG, Diliman, QC. There will be two lectures, one by Mr. Thomas Laughlin, an alumni of the Students for Liberty (SFL), an international organization, and about Friedrich Hayek and “The Constitution of Liberty”. I will give the 2nd talk.

These guys discovered the philosophy of individual liberty, then set up the group on their own, no external assistance or intervention. Although the convenor was communicating with me while they are in the process of formation, and I met them about 3 weeks ago in UP.

They have a facebook page and twitter accounts.

Being a firm believer of spontaneity, diversity and inequality, I am happy to see the spontaneous formation of this group. I am sure these guys will dream big and aim high, at least in university politics and battle for ideas.

Friends and readers, I hope you will consider supporting this new organization via donation, other forms of support. Thank you.

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