Sunday, May 08, 2016

Election 23, Leni for VP, the Senatoriables

Only 2 main contenders for VP tomorrow. Leni Robredo ha.
For the Senators, sure winners but I will still vote for them: Pangilinan, Osmena, Drilon. These 7 candidates will fight for slots 9-12. Will vote for Gordon, de Lima, and Guingona.

Aside from sure defeat of Binay, the other consolation of this election is that lefties like Colmenares and Bello are losing. Last night, I passed by this street in Makati around 8pm. When I came back at midnight, this lefty's supporters showed their dictatorial instinct by making this white-painted wall become ugly. 

Shame Colme and ACT, or your supporters. Besides, more Filipinos are mature enough and not voting socialist- or commie-leaning politicians.

Another consideration when in doubt: Congress, the Senate especially should be independent as much as possible from the Executive branch. So in a likely event of a Du30 Presidency, the Senate should be LP majority. Also for the lower House, although many Congressmen tend to jump ship to the President's party.

From Gigo Alampay, nice advice.

"Kapit for Leni!
To all my friends who are still supporting Alan or Chiz, now's the time to make your decision - switch your vote to Leni because your vote for Alan or Chiz will only be helping the dictator's son!
P.S. Please disregard if you're going to switch to BBM. Don't switch na lang. :-)"

From Sureb Berus, another good advice.

"Ang boto para kay Leni Robredo ay boto laban kay Bongbong Marcos. #notobongbongmarcos

Sinasabi na ng latest Social Weather Stations survey na mas maliit ang posibilidad na manalo bilang vice president si Escudero, Cayetano, Honasan o Trillanes. Si Leni Robredo lang ang may laban kay Bongbong Marcos. Kung ibibigay po ninyo ang boto nyo for vice president kay Leni Robredo, malaki ang posibilidad na hindi na makabalik sa kapangyarihan ang mga Marcoses, na nagnakaw at nagpahirap sa bansa natin. Maliwanag na po ngayon na ang boto para kay Leni Robredo ay boto laban sa mga Marcoses. Kung kayo po ay naninindigan laban sa mga Marcoses, wag nyo po sayangin ang boto nyo please. Si Leni Robredo lang ang may pagasang manalo laban kay Bongbong Marcos. Kay Leni Robredo nyo na lang po ibigay ang boto nyo. Salamat."

So what is a free marketer doing in this election where no one among the major candidates is clearly free marketer or advocating minimal government? Simple. To help in defeating candidates and political parties that are outrightly for more populism and welfarism, socialism and murderous fascism, family plunder and rule of men.

In this case, Bongbong Marcos represents the party of family plunder, with billions of dollars of unreturned hidden wealth of his family to the PH treasury. After VP, he will then be eyeing the Presidency, and  it will be easier for him to capture it than if he is defeated and returns as a Senator.

For the Senatoriables, help candidates who may be welfarist (all of them, anyway) but have strong position on enforcing the rule of law.

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