Sunday, May 08, 2016

Energy 65, World Bank's anti-coal drama

The World Bank religiously follows the "save the planet" marching order of the UN. Let there be more expensive and unstable electricity in developing countries so long as no cheap and stable energy sources like coal are built. See these news reports.

The Guardian, July 2015,  The Guardian, May 2016,  The Nation Thailand.

The Economic Times 2015,  World Coal,  Myanmar Business.

From Climate Home. It added that "the world’s top lender to developing countries announced it would spend 28% of investments on climate-related projects by 2020."

Good move, WB. Then more Asian developing countries will boycott you as they need cheaper, stable electricity supply without need for subsidies and energy taxes. China's AIIB and private banks will be more than happy to lend to those governments or private firms in these countries to build more coal plants.

Dark streets and expensive electricity will kill more people today than "man-made" CC/warming 100 years from now. Dark streets mean more crimes,  more robbery and rapes and murders, more road accidents at night. And more fires as more poor people turn to candles.

The rich and big companies? They can buy huge and expensive gensets that run  on diesel, they want 24/7 electricity. 

Perhaps the WB and UN should conduct their regional and international meetings in countries which are energy-poor. Like Myanmar, Cambodia, India and Nepal. Then they will make  sure that they will stay in 5-star hotels there which have back up gensets that can ensure 24/7 electricity. They hate brown outs even for 1 minute but they don't care if those countries will  have frequent black outs because of  insufficient baseload power plants.

Energy rationing and central planning is wrong. Big governments and foreign aid like the WB are among the big practitioners of global central planning.

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