Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Federalism or Disintegration of big countries: Catalonia, HK, Taiwan, other independence movements

A good model of citizen empowerment is that the size, taxes and regulations of the national/ central/ federal government should be as small as possible and allow the states or provinces to have their own set of taxes, agencies and regulations. If this is not possible as national or central planners think they are so bright, an alternative model is for a big country to disintegrate into many new, smaller countries. Long live independence movements in Catalonia -- and Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet, Macau, etc.

The rest of the country should be spared of madmen masquerading as statesmen, like the President from Davao. Federalism as currently designed by Du30 people will mean both huge federal/national and state governments. Very lousy and authoritarian combination.

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