Friday, July 27, 2018

One News 3, Interview before SONA 2018

Last Monday, July 23, I was one of six guests in ONE News' special coverage of SONA 2018 by President Duterte, 3-5pm, hosted by Roby Alampay. The first three guests were Prof. Roland Simbulan of UP Manila, Jarius Bondoc, PhilStar columnist, and Prof. Go (?) of UP Political Science Department. They did political analysis of Duterte's two years in office.

The second batch would talk about economic analysis of the administration's achievement, my turn plus fellow BWorld columnist Andrew Masigan, and the young UP Professor stayed with us. 

(From left: Andrew, me, Roby; photo from Andrew)

We were called in about 3:45 and right at that moment, there was a big drama in Congress --  former President and now Congresswoman from Pampanga Gloria M. Arroyo and allies went up the rostrum for her supposed election as new House Speaker.

So the topic suddenly became political, a topic I don't want to talk on TV as there are many political commentators around more knowledgeable than me. But the earlier batch of guests, Roland and Jarius Bondoc have already left, so Roby must continue the discussion with two economists and the  Political Science academic.

It was a 1+ hour of semi-torture for me, hahaha. I did not speak much and before 5pm, I really wanted to be out, then luckily Jarius and UP Law Prof. Jay Batongbacal entered the studio -- what a relief! These guys can discuss the subject better, political and legal.

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