Sunday, July 08, 2018

Hayek, Mises and Classical Liberalism

Last month I gave a lecture at SFL-PH, small but engaged audienced.

Six sections: (1) Hayek, (2) Mises, (3) Classical liberals, (4) Pre-classical, (5) Modern liberals, and (6) Bonus. Hayek was a very prolific writer, produced many books and manuscripts from 1931 to 1980s. 

Likewise among his mentors, Mises was also a prolific writer.

Among the classical liberals, Adam Smith was a stand out. His prior work "Theory of Moral Sentiments" provided the philosophical and economic background to his more famous work, "The Wealth of Nations."

Other classical liberals were David Ricardo (labor theory of value, theory of comparative advantage, etc), John Locke (social contract theory, Treatise on Government, etc.), JS Mill, etc.

But more than 1,000 years before Adam Smith, perhaps the world's first liberal was an Asian, the philosopher from China.

The recent liberals, there are many of them now.

The full 36-slides presentation is posted in my slideshare account. Thank you.

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