Saturday, July 28, 2018

Climate Tricks 69, Junkets to 'save the planet' limited by Duterte

This is among the very few instances where I clap and support President Duterte :-)

Duterte to send only one representative to climate change meetings abroad
July 26, 2018 | 8:22 pm

'He added: “There’s a climate change in Africa and they are there. There’s a climate change in New Zealand and they are there en masse. Then there’s a climate change in Tokyo, they are there.”

“Every department sends somebody who does not even know the definition of a climate and how it changes. How is the process done to create a problem for the ecosystem and environment?”

“So all of them. And when I saw the list of 11 travels, climate change conferences all over the world and it has nothing. Nothing good has come to my country except the expenses of going out and seeing the cities.”

“To hell with climate change because whether you like it or not, the typhoon is coming from….The Philippines is the window of the Pacific Ocean. So that is how you b___s___ with the money. You go.”'

Those "planet saviors" who hate fossil fuels a lot then use lots of fossil fuels as they fly from one big city to another worldwide, hahaha. Joker-hypocrites.

On average, the big annual UN FCCC conference attracts about 20,000 climate negotiators, climate lenders, planet saviors, environmental do-gooders, watermelon activists (green outside, red inside) outright socialists and communists, etc.

Meanwhile, here's a funny story and reality:

MSNBC's Chris Hayes fuels outcry by describing climate change as 'ratings killer'
By Valerie Richardson - The Washington Times - Thursday, July 26, 2018

MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes’ admission that climate change is a “ratings killer” has infuriated environmentalists who accused the liberal network of being more concerned about its bottom line than with fighting global warming.

Asked about his network’s lack of climate-change coverage, Mr. Hayes tweeted Tuesday that “almost without exception. every single time we’ve covered it’s been a palpable ratings killer. so incentives are not great.”

And this story from an Asian scientist.


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