Thursday, July 26, 2018

Free Trade 67, US-EU zero tariff, zero subsidies plan and agreement

Yesterday morning (Manila time), President Trump tweeted this and more than a hundred thousand people have liked it, with 46k retweets and replies.

Yes, free trade, zero tariff, zero subsidies. No more excuses and "provided that..." please.

Many EU companies actually are ready for a zero tariff deal with the US, it is only the EU bureaucracy that seems averse to real free trade. Below, first 2 news reports last July 4, next 2 news reports last July 5, the last report dated July 24.

And today, good news.

Zero Hedge reported,

We Have A Deal: Trump And Juncker Agree To Avert A Trade War
by Tyler Durden
Wed, 07/25/2018 - 18:33

“The two leaders agreed to expand European imports of U.S. liquified natural gas and soybeans and lower industrial tariffs on both sides, Trump said. The U.S. and European Union will “hold off on other tariffs” while negotiations proceed, Juncker added.

… the two leaders said they had agreed to work together towards eliminating all tariffs, trade barriers and subsidies related to non-auto industrial goods. They also said they would work together to reform the World Trade Organization and reduce trading costs and regulatory barriers across the Atlantic.”

Good news for consumers and producers in the US and EU, and good news for the world. We should aim for that free trade, high consumer freedom society.

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