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Climate stupidity 6: Rising climate loans

(Notes: (1) This is my article today in with original title, "Climate stupidity and racket". (2) Earlier series of "Climate stupidity" are here: part 5, part 4, part 3,...)

Climate stupidity simply means that wherever the weather or climate goes, it is due to “man-made warming.” When there is prolonged drought, “water crisis” and big El Nino, it is due to man-made warming. When there is prolonged rains and winter, severe flooding and “too much water” crisis and big La Nina, it is also due to man-made warming.

For the warming fanatics, there is no such thing as climate cycle of warming-cooling-warming-cooling. For them, there was only “flat temperature” globally in the past until modern civilization started burning fossil fuels in huge quantities resulting in more man-made greenhouse gases (GHGs) like carbon dioxide (CO2). Then global temperature shot up high.

For the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) militants, natural factors like the Sun, oceans, volcanoes, water vapor and clouds, and galactic cosmic rays (GCRs) do not contribute to the Earth’s climate cycle. Only man-made or anthropogenic sources contribute to the planet’s climate.

Actual scientific climate data though contradict them. It is very basic in science that theory and data must conform with each other always. If they don’t, then data must prevail, theory must give way, and it must go back to being a mere hypothesis, to be subjected to a new round of tests and more tests.

Below are two most recent graphs from .

The first is the temperature of the lower troposphere, satellite data interpreted by the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH). December 2010 data showed a temperature anomaly (or “deviation from average”) of only 0.18 C, compared to the average temperature from 1981 to 2010.

The global temperature anomaly is on a declining trend the past few months: 0.477 C last September, down to 0.306 C last October, down to 0.273 C last November, and down to 0.180 C last month. It might reach zero, if not negative, this month and the next few months . Meaning there is zero warming, even a general cooling, that will happen soon compared to the last 30 years.

Above is global temperature of the air, the lower troposphere. Here is global temperature of sea surface, of all oceans in our planet. The current cooling and La Nina seems to be less severe compared to the 2007-08 cooling and La Nina. Nonetheless, the temperature trend is still on a decline.

So now, many provinces in the country, especially in the Bicol and Northern Mindanao regions, are reeling from heavy rains and flooding, even in late December to early January. Take note that these are way past the normal rainy season in the country that normally ends in October or November at most.

And since in the language of the warming fanatics, more rains and more cooling is also proof of more man-made warming and climate change, then governments should pursue their more environmental regulations, more carbon and energy taxation, more carbon cap and trade, borrow more climate loans, create more climate bureaucracies, and participate in more global climate meetings and junkets.

The climate loans racket is terrible. According to one news report last August, Billion dollar loans for climate change ‘unjust’, data from the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) showed that Philippine loans for climate adaptation was $586.59 million, plus loans for climate mitigation of $491.64 million, for a total climate loans of $1.078 billion!!

For me, this climate loans racket is horrendous. The government is contracting loans left and right, to be paid from our current and future taxes and fees, to fight a non-existent enemy. Only the debt-pushers (not much different from the drug pushers) from the foreign aid establishment like the WB and ADB, the various climate officials and bureaucrats from local to national government, the beneficiary environmental NGOs, benefited from this huge debt.

Enough of climate stupidity and climate loans racket.

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