Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekend fun 7: climate fireball

The terminologies keep changing and evolving. Some Australian environmental officials recognized that repeated mantra of "climate change" is creating more skepticism among the Australian public, so they have to invent a new term. So today it's called Climate Challenges. These pictures/cartoons are from WUWT or

Tomorrow it can be "Climate Uncertainties" and the next years, it can be "Climate Snowballs" or "Climate Armageddon". Hmmm, better yet, they may call it "Climate Fireball".

Piers Corbyn, the British astro-physicist who Weather Action , a private and independent weather forecasting company, has beaten the UK Met for the past 3 years in a row in predicting "severe winter" while the former was saying "mild winter" for the past 3 years. UK Met said they needed several million pounds more to acquire another giant supercomputers to improve their forecasting capability. Piers forecasts with just one laptop.

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