Thursday, January 30, 2014

MeTA 15: Forum 2014 on Healthcare Ethics and Transparency

The Medicines Transparency Alliance (MeTA) Philippines will hold its annual forum this year with a timely theme, Transparency and Ethics in Healthcare. Things that are expected of various players and professionals in the health sector -- pharma companies, drugstores and pharmacies, hospitals and clinics, doctors and pharmacists, etc. And patients and the public too, we should have our own "code of ethics".

Here is the provisional program as of January 25. I removed the time slots to focus on topics and speakers. Lunch time is indicated, so readers can see which ones are morning and afternoon sessions.

The Mexico City Principles (MCP) is a set of ethical conduct adopted by APEC member countries for the pharmaceutical sub-sector several years ago, held in Mexico City. As shown in the program above, there will be a high-level multistakeholder panel discussion on the adoption of MCP in the Philippines and a call for voluntary codes of business ethics from different sectors and players. 

Day 2 morning, there will be foreign speakers who will talk about global developments in regulating medicines promotion (Tim Reed, Executive Director, HAI Global), regional trends in ensuring transparency in pharmaceuticals policy (Klara Tisocki, Team Leader-Essential Medicines and Health Technology, WPRO), and the way forward for the Good Governance for Medicines (GGM) Program (Deirdre Dimancesco, WHO Geneva). 

In the afternoon, two special topics that have great impact on healthcare in the Philippines - health promotion and sustainable funding, will be discussed by speakers from  HealthJustice  and the AIM.

Participants will come from various sectors and represent all stakeholders in the dialogue about health, medicines and transparency.  They will have opportunities throughout the forum to participate in open forums, ask questions and articulate their positions and perspectives through the stakeholder workshop.

They will be given links to all forum documents, including studies and researches cited in the presentations, as well as reference materials on transparency, ethics in health, addressing corruption in health and related topics.

Meanwhile, I have changed the title of this thread from "Health Transprency" to simply "MeTA" as this thread is mainly about MeTA fora and activities.

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