Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Asian free market websites, Part 5

Here's an update of the global popularity of Asian free market think tanks and blogs, from alexa.com. Global rank as of today. They are arranged according to their global rank.

1. unirule.org.cn, Beijing
2. keri.org, Seoul
3. impencil.org, Beijing
4. freedom-institute.org, Jakarta
5. fef.org.ph, Manila
6. kriengsak.com, Bangkok
7. sifl.org.cn, Shanghai
8. nkradio.org, Seoul
9. funwithgovernment.blogspot.com, Manila
(This blog has a mirror site, http://funwithgovernment.blogspot.in/, with a global rank of 10,565,772 as of today. Mirror sites redirect portions of the traffic from the original sites, resulting in lower global rank of the original.)
10. primeinstitute.org, Islamabad
11. prudentinvestornewsletters.blogspot.in, Manila
(it is not an institute, just a blog owned by a friend; the original site is prudentinvestornewsletters.blogspot.com, with a global rank of 12,786,535 as of today; there are 3 other mirror sites)
12. suarakebebasan.org, Jakarta
13. ideas.org.my, Kuala Lumpur
14. samriddhi.org, Kathmandu
15. indiai.org, Delhi

The biggest gainers above compared to their global ranks in my last update dated July 19, 2015, are the following: 
(a) unirule, from 1.25 M to 0.97 M,
(b) fef.org.ph, from 8.70 M to 1.80 M,
(c) freedom-institute, from 3.45 M to 1.70 M, and 
(d) sifl.org.cn, from 5.29 M to 3.07 M.

The other websites and blogs are:

17. doimoi.org, Hanoi
18. libertyindia.org, Delhi
19. lionrockinstitute.org, HK
20. acenetwork.asia, Delhi
21. indefenceofliberty.org, Delhi
22. ccsindia.org, Delhi
23. jtr.gr.jp, Tokyo
24. asinstitute.org, Lahore
25. efnasia.org, Bangkok
26. freedomfactory.co.kr, Seoul

Other Asian free market sites which have no global rank yet:
akademimerdeka.org, Jakarta 
seanetwork.asia, Kuala Lumpur
* cips-indonesia.org,  Jakarta

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24601 said...

Another Asian think-tank that doesn't have a rank yet:
Professional Research Institute for Management and Economics (PRIME)

I know, I know… we have the same acronym as the Pakistan institute. It wasn't intentional.

Bienvenido Oplas Jr said...

Thanks Muppet. I didn't know that there is a free market think tank in Cambodia now, that's good news.