Sunday, October 04, 2015

TIME mag. on global warming (3)

Another collection of "be worried, be very worried" headlines by TIME magazine, from the web.

And these, dated May 27, 2014 and  October 01, 2015.

Large scale famine? Hehehe, old alarmism claim. Here are actual data and why such alarmist claims are plain alarmism. The truth is that global food production keeps rising, food prices on average are becoming more affordable, there is greater food security in the planet than before.  It is not possible to have a rising global population if there are frequent huge food riots in many countries -- something that exists only in the minds of the food conspiracy theorists.

source: Dr. Roy Spencer, “Peak Food”? No, the Average Person Has More Food to Eat, January 29th, 2015.

Meanwhile, here's a chart on CO2 emission and global temperature "linkage" and "causality". Green line is global CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, now at 400+ parts per million (ppm) and the "safe" level for the planet according to, WWF, Greenpeace, etc. is only 350 ppm or lower. Red line is the best fit line for global air temperature, average for UAH and RSS satellite data, January 2002 to September 2015. It is -0.02 C per decade.


As CO2 concentration rises, global temperature declines, and there is "causality" and "direct linkage"? The climate alarmists are joking.

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