Friday, June 28, 2019

Photos during the IPR-Trade seminar in KL, May 2019

Last May 15, Geneva Network (UK) and IDEAS (Malaysia) organized a seminar on IPR, Trade and Development, held at Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur.

One of the slides by Nigel Cory of ITIF.

Group photo after the seminar.

Dinner at the hotel. From left: Junjie "Jack" Ma from China, me, Amir Khan from India, and Philip Stevens of Geneva Network.

Below, photo on January 2011 in Singapore, in another IPR-Health-Trade seminar organized by the International Policy Network (IPN, UK). From left: me, Amir, Philip, and Julian Morris of IPN.
(See Drug price control 3: Cost containment and long-term costs, January 27, 2011)

Then May 2019. We have aged :-)

From left: Amir Jamaludin of IDEAS, me, Ng Yeen Seen, Ali Salman (IDEAS), Amir.

Thanks again Philip, IDEAS team.

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