Sunday, June 30, 2019

Weekend Fun 67, Fish from China

This news report -- and the satire after -- are for the books :-)
But then, what if the fishes are from India or Malaysia, or Mexico or Timbuktu?

The news reports are from these:

(2) Sen. Tito Sotto wins Nobel Fish Prize (satire)
By: Boying Pimentel  / 01:37 AM June 29, 2019

Boying wrote there,

Sotto was honored for his “deep, incisive, gagological examination of the complex nautical, aqualegal migratory patterns and rights in the West Philippine and South China Sea,” according to a statement from Wanbol University, where Sotto is revered as the institution’s most respected alumnus.

Comment from my wedding Maninay, Jena Legislador Padilla:

Lintek na yan. Kailan nag karoon ng nationality ang laman dagat? 3 lang alam Kong meron! Alaskan Crab, Norwegian Salmon at Spanish Sardines!

And Pinoy humor kicks in! These fishes are found to be residents and natives of China:

Ali Ma Ngo
Ali Ma Sag
Alu Ma Han
Ayu Ngin
Bal Yee Na
Ba Lao
Ba Ngus
Bisu Go
Bu Tan Ding
Bu Teh Teh
Du Gong
Ga Lung Gong
Hi To
La Pu La Pu
Kandu Li
Ma ya ma ya
Pa Ting
Sap Sap
Sug Po

Ta Hong
Tan Nee Geh
Te Lap Ya
Tee Moon Tee Moon
Tu Li Ngan
Tu Na
Tul Ya
Ba Go Ong
Da Ing
Tu Yo

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