Friday, June 21, 2019

MidEast Africa 12: US-Iran conflict

This is not good. Oil prices already declining to $51 a barrel, then Iran bombed huge oil tankers, prices went up to $53+, later back to $51. Yesterday Iran shot down a US military drone, now we are back at $57.

In the US-CN trade war, Trump haters attack "Trump tariff/protectionism" only, they do not attack, lambast "China taruff/protectionism."

In the US-Iran spat, Trump haters again would attack "Trump aggression" only, "Iran aggression" do not attack or lambast Iran.

Now see this lousy conspiracy theory, advanced by a HK-based Filipino friend:

“Iran is a peaceful country but the US wants to invade it to control the Middle East completely.”

What? Iran bombed other countries’ oil tankers, Iran bombed the US drone, they explicitly admitted the latter, now blame the US? Lousy.

Another friend, Emil Dapogs, opined it correctly:

“US wants to invade the Middle East has been a long-standing accusation that lost its legs. The US wants the Middle East's oil is another farce. The US has its own oil deposits bigger than Saudi Arabia's!”

Very true. The US wants the MidEast to be rich, wealthy, so the people there can buy US cars, agri products, gadgets, various services, etc. US won't want to have more poor countries that will require more subsidies from its taxpayers to develop again.

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