Thursday, June 13, 2019

ALS-ATA 7th Friedman Conf Sydney, some photos

Some of my photos during the Australian Libertarian Society (ALS), Australian Taxpayers Association (ATA) + World Taxpayers Association (WTA) conferences in Sydney last May 23-26, 2019. Here, 3rd night during the Sydney Harbour night cruise, we watched Vivid Sydney, have a program and party inside the big boat. Most photos from the ATA fb page.

Second night, gala dinner by ATA, ALS and Tax and Super Australia. Among the huge free market gala dinner I have attended.

Tim Andrews, then ATA Exec. Director, posted this last June 10:

When looking at the success of the Friedman Conference, I was struck by a very simple thing the other day.

John and I were both asked what the point of the conference was, why we created it, what were the goals etc.

Our answer was not to educate people (Although with the leading pro- liberty speakers from around the world speaking we certainly did). It was not to provoked stimulating debate (Although with the wide variety of topics debated we certainly did that also). It was not even to teach and introduce new people to the benefits of small government (but from all the people who said their views had been changed as a result we did that also)

Rather, we both answered the same way: to create a community and to have fun.

To bring people together in a joyous celebration of the things that made Australia great, to celebrate the ideas of liberty together whilst having an awesome time.

Everything we do in planning the conference is centered around that. And you can tell this worked just by how wild the crowd goes every year at the awards - something you see at no other libertarian conference - because for us a core criteria is what will ensure that vibe of fun and commeraderie.

This is what makes the Friedman Conference stand above so many other pro-liberty conferences. That from day one it was about bringing everyone together, no matter minor policy differences, to have fun!

But it could only have happened with the work John firsty our into creating this vibe, but also the fact that we have so many amazing people who could make this vibe actually happen and work. We couldn’t create this community if there were not so many wonderful people to create it with in the first place (not to mention everyone helping out it together from behind the scenes)

So to all of you: thank you for helping us achieve - in ways far far greater than we at first could have imagined - an amazing, vibrant, but mostly fun pro-liberty community!

Onwards and upwards and let’s make 2020 be even better still!

I enjoyed that conference. Thanks again to ATR and PRA for sponsoring my trip.
Meanwhile, a summary photo of the 7 ALSFC posted by ALS in their fb page.

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