Sunday, August 25, 2013

Weekend Fun 46: Pork Barrel's New Names

Legislators’ pork barrel fund was called Countrywide Development Fund (CDF) in the 90s, later called Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF). President Noynoy Aquino has abolished the PDAF on Friday, August 23, 2013. The legislators’ pork was not abolished, it was simply reformed and it has no name yet.

Filipino humor comes in, as usual. The first eight below, I got from facebook, posted by a friend. The next 10 were my inventions.

Suggested new terms for the pork barrel or Congressional insertion as PDAF has been abolished already:

1. NACAW (National Assistance for Citizens’ Aid and Welfare)

2. NENOK (National Endowment for Nationwide Operations and Knowledge)

3. NAPOLES (National Assistance Program Of Lawmakers Engaged in Service/  Swindling)

4. HOLDAF (Holistic Legislation for the Development of All Filipinos)

5. SEBO (Special Entitlements and Budgetary Outlay)

6. CASIM (Countrywide Assistance for Special and Important Matters)

7. BADAF (Bayan Development Assistance Fund)

8. MALABO (Medical , Agriculture and Livelihood Assistance Budget Outlay)

The following I invented yesterday:

9. BACONS (Budget for Administration Congressmen and Senators)

10. BAGNET (Budgetary Allocation for Growth, National Enlightenment and Transformation)

11. BIIK (Budgetary Insertion for Integrated Knowledge)

12. FATSO (Financial Assistance and Technical Support Oversight)

13. IMPATSO (Integrated Management and Public Aid for Training in Scientific Operations)

14. JINGGOY (Joint Inspectorate for National Government Gratuity Officers and Youth)

15. LITSON (Livelihood Insurance  and Technical Support  Outlay Nationwide)

16. PATA (Presidential Assistance and Treasury Allotment)

17. PORKY (Public Operation for Retooling Knowledge of the Youth)

18. TABA (Technical Assistance and Budgetary Allotment)

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