Friday, June 13, 2014

This Blog has a Mirror Site in UK

I just found out today that my blog has a mirror blog registered in UK. 
The original blog site is

Both are owned by and google.

I wondered if it is good or bad. My IT-techie friend Rad Basa said that it's ok, similar to and They segregate geographically to balance the traffic across their servers around the world.

I checked this blog's stats, overall viewership since July 2010, #4 blog readers are from UK, So the mirror site may have helped.

And I just discovered today too, that the China government now allows blogger/ to be viewed in China. Until about last year, this blog has zero readers from China, meaning blogger is blocked there. This year, there are more than 7,500+ pageviews from China.

There are also many readers from Russia, and Germany.

For the past 30 days' viewership, interesting data: most pageviews are from the US, China, PH (of course) and Europe. 

I also checked for the global rank. The original site. as of today is ranked 5,431,791. The mirror site's alexa rank is 12,530,350. I wondered if the latter is (1)  "stealing" or diverting my readers from the original site, or (2) expanding my readers overall.

Rad said that it is (2) Expanding my readers overall, the same content served by different servers. Like a magazine with two publishers, and They have their own circulation market.

That's good news for me, hehe. Recently I have more readers from communist China than in capitalist PH, And Europeans are reading my blog more than other Asians.

Rad joked that the communists in China are probably using my words as a source they can use against the Philippines.

Hahaha.  But I write few "PH bashing" compared to most bloggers and writers. I'm more of "Big government basher" so that the communists should be hurting by my papers, hehe. I think it's the few free marketers in China who read my blog.

Thank  you readers. Now I know that there are many of you out there. Cheers.

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