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Climate stupidity 21: Global Cooling and Durban

As global temperatures -- air/troposphere, land surface, sea surface -- are falling, the UN and many high government climate/environment officials from many countries are preparing for the 17th Conference of Parties (COP 17) meeting in Durban, South Africa, this coming November 29 to December 9. Their mission, as usual, is to "fight man-made warming and climate change."

The usual junketers of endless global climate meetings are preparing their most alarmist presentations, photos and predictions, that unless taxpayers will send them more money, the world will burn with more catastrophic warming and cooling, more drought and no drought, more rain and less rain, more snow and less snow, more hurricanes and less hurricanes. more strong typhoons and mild typhoons. After all, whatever weather or climate the world or countries and continents will have, catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW) is true and cannot be negated.

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Nonoy Oplas
Re-emergence of La Nina without passing through an El Nino stage, drastically falling global air and tropospheric temperature, heavy flooding in several countries in East Asia. These are among the indicators of a bitter global cooling that is engulfing the planet.
Here is the recent temperature anomaly (or deviation from the average temperature) of the lower troposphere, global. Source of next two graphs, http://www.drroyspencer.com.

Here are the monthly data. NH and SH means northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere, respectively.

And here is the temperature anomaly on the 14,000 feet level above sea level. The fall in global temperature is the steepest compared to previous years.
The man-made warming propagandists are running out of excuses why the planet is cooling despite the continued rise in CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. Global warming should mean less rain, more drought, less snow, but what we have is the opposite.

Below are two graphs on the sea surface temperature (SST) anomaly in Pacific Ocean’s Nino 3.4 region. There is continued decline in ocean temperature. Graph source is  
As the Philippines experiences another wet November despite the absence of any typhoon or tropical storm, as Thailand (and Cambodia, Vietnam, etc.) remains helpless in many areas that were inundated by strong and deep flood, many climate rent-seekers are preparing for another junket and useless trip to Durban to craft more environmental and energy regulations, prohibition and taxation.

Continued reference to “cooling is caused by warming” or global warming causes less rain and more rain, less snow and more snow,” just shows the intellectual dishonesty of the warming camp. They simply cannot accept that global cooling is already upon us – despite continued rise in CO2 level in the atmosphere.
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