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Climate Tricks 26: CO2, Pollution and Climate Junkets

A friend working at the House of Representatives posted the other day photos of a forum on climate change, sponsored by the House Committee on Ecology, Senate Committee on Environment, British Embassy Manila, and Global Legistors Organization – Philippines. In this photo, crying climate negotiator Yeb Sano speaking. Yeb was a former WWF activist then migrated to become a government official, one of the commissioners at the Climate Change Commission (CCC) and does frequent global travels to “save the planet.”

I commented that many if not all of the speakers may have argued that "CC is happening now" which is partly true. But I doubt that anyone say that "CC has happened in the past, naturally, with or without humans",

The author of that article is a world known climatologist. They are analyzing global temp data of the air/lower troposphere and ocean temp as gathered by satellites 24/7, 365 days a year. See the graph, actual global temp vs projections and guesses of global temp, 13 pages long,

My friend commented that no one disputes that CC is natural and cyclical but one variable is the amount of human activity that may contribute to the change. “Now, do we continue consuming our natural resources and exploit the resources of other developing countries just because we believe that climate change is a natural evolution of things?”

This is one of the very few instances were campaigners of “man-made” or anthropogenic global warming (AGW) and ACC recognize that GW and CC are also nature made. This could be another indicator that the AGW hypothesis and religion is indeed crumbling.

Now If CC is accepted as nature-made and not man-made, what is the point of using our tax money to pay for the endless junkets of climate negotiators for many years, the creation of various climate bureaucracies, the enactment of a Renewable Energy (RE) law that will make already expensive electricity become even more expensive through feed in tariff (FIT) and RPS?

With or wthout humans and their SUVs, global cooling will still happen. With or without humans and their bicycles, global warming will still happen.
My friend replied that “just because it's natural, does that mean we just continue siphoning off our natural resources, cutting down trees, polluting our rivers, and emitting smoke?”

Yes, we cut trees to build houses and wood furnitures. Then people replant trees or allow natural regeneration of young trees. We continue mining because without those metallic minerals, we have zero tv and laptops, zero cars and buses, zero electrical cables and power plant engines. Pollution with soot, lead, CO, etc is another thing, I believe they should be regulated, but the target of ire and intervention by the "man-made" GW/CC groups is CO2. It is not even a pollutant, it's the gas that you and other humans exhale. It's the gas that plants and crops use to produce their own food. If CO2 is a pollutant, can one see its color as a pollutant? Can one smell it as a pollutant?

He replied that “If the amount of human activity exceeds the earth's carrying capacity, what would happen then? Will the earth still be able to manage? it will correct the imbalance. It will wipe out those variables that contribute to the imbalance.”

I repeated the two questions:

1. If CO2 is a pollutant, can you see its color as a pollutant?
2. Can you smell it as a pollutant?

About "human activitiy exceeds the earth's carrying capacity", I asked him what is that "earth's carrying capacity"? in terms of radiative energy? or CO2 concentration? Please provide a definite definition.

(the earth) "will wipe out those variables that contribute to the imbalance." On the contrary, humans and their houses and malls will keep expanding, factories and power plants and electricity use will keep expanding. And the earth will be fine. Global warming will still happen. Global cooling will still happen. They alternate each other as they have done so since thousands or millions of years ago. See again the graph by Dr. Spencer.

He suggested that I am not the audience of his post.  Maybe, if those alarmist and sensationalist scary stories by the "man-made" GW/CC religion do not use my tax money for their frequent junkets, for the various climate bureaucracies like the CCC, for conspiring to make my electricity bill become even more expensive soon, this and related posts do not concern the rest of us. But they do. Yeb Sano, Al Gore, CCC, UN, etc. will keep fooling us so that their party and rackets will continue.

If they can convince Yeb Sano, Lucille Sering, H. Alvarez, other planet saviours to use their own money and savings for their frequent junkets, this thing won't bother me. But all their moves and junkets, I partly pay for them. They should be ashamed for taking more money from taxpayers while fooling them at the same time. Let them read this comment.

About my two questions above that he did not answer, if he or anyone will answer Yes to both, then they have been hoodwinked and fooled by liars like Al Gore, the UN, and other big planet saviours.

No, you cannot see CO2, it is a colorless gas and it is not a pollutant. No, you cannot smell CO2, it is an odorless gas and it is not a pollutant. cheers.

He replied that “the raket goes both ways. The science behind your assertion is also a raket for those who want to justify their continued emission of gases.”

Nope. Practicality dictates that we should get the cheapest energy possible with the minimum distortion and taxation. For instance, coal,  natural gas, shale gas, are among the cheapest, most stable sources of electricity. People love cheap electricity, that's why they rebel against power rate hikes. But the "save the planet" movement wants to make electricity prices become even more expensive, via various taxation and regulatory fees to those cheap energy, while forcing the public to buy expensive energy from renewables via FIT, RPS and other indirect subsidies.

The AGW religion is invented with only one goal -- bigger governments, global ecological central planning. From these, lots of rackets and junkets are justified. Even the WB, ADB, IMF are jumping into the bandwagon, they are able to lend tens of billions of dollars of clmate loans, energy loans, e-tricycle loans, other rackets. With little or zero effect in controlling global warming or cooling.

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