Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Philippine media's global ranking, Part 2

There seems to be high interest in PH news recently, especially starting October 2014 until today. See global ranking of ABS-CBN News, PDInquirer and Rappler. Screen shots taken today from alexa.com.

Note also the jump in global rank over the past 3 months -- all in green, meaning an increase in ranking. Decline in ranking is red,  none of the listed media outlets here experienced red marks recently.

Maybe this is related to the PH's recent higher GDP growth rate, improvement in credit ratings, etc. More and more people around the world are reading and browsing about the Philippines.

Or there are more Filipinos living and working abroad, and they are following news back home regularly. Whatever the explanations are, this is somehow good  news -- the Philippines rising in the global radar of business, politics, etc.

See also: Philippine Media's Global Ranking, April-July 2012,  July 24, 2012

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