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Asian free market websites, Part 4

(I originally posted this early morning July 12. My updates for today, below)

How popular are the free market think tanks and institutes in Asia, at least online?

I checked four years ago to answer that question. Today, out of curiosity, I checked again and here is what I discovered. Shown are their global ranking -- out of several hundred million sites and blogs in the planet.

1. Korea Economic Research Institute (KERI), Seoul, headed by Dr. Tae-shin Kwon, represented by Dr. Choi Byung Il in various EFN Asia conferences.
2. Unirule Institute of Economics, Beijing, headed by Dr. Mao Yushi; often represented by Dr. Feng Xingyuan in various EFN Asia conferences.
3. Policy Research Institute of Market Economy (PRIME) Institute, Islamabad, headed by Ali Salman
4. Freedom Institute , Jakarta, headed by Dr. Luthfi Assyaukanie, among others.
5. Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS), headed by Wan Saiful Wan Jan.
6. Suara Kebebasan, Jakarta. Not exactly a think tank but a website for freedom, headed by Adinda Tenriangke Muchtar.
7. Samriddhi The Prosperity Foundation, Kathmandu, headed by Robin Sitoula.
8. Minimal Government Thinkers, Inc./Funwithgovernment blog, Manila, headed by yours truly.
9. Liberty Institute, Delhi, headed by Barun Mitra.

The numbers in green are the increase in global rank over the past three months. In red are decrease in global rank over the same period. Notice the huge jump of these think tanks below in a short period of time.

10., Hanoi, is a think tank that translates some important classical liberal books and literatures into Vietnamese, headed by Cong Minh Nguyen.
11. In defence of liberty is another project of Liberty Institute, Delhi, headed by Barun Mitra.
12. Japanese for Tax Reforms (JTR), Tokyo, headed by Masaru Uchiyama or Mr. You.
13. Center for Civil Society (CCS) Delhi, headed by Dr. Parth Shah.
14. Foundation for Economic Freedom (FEF), Manila, headed by Calixto "Toti" Chikiamco.
15. Alternate Solutions (AS) Institute, Lahore, headed by Dr. Khalil Ahmad.
16. Lion Rock Institute (LRI), Hong Kong, headed by Bill Stacey.
17. Akademi Merdeka, Jakarta, is another project I think, of Freedom Institute.

Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) is not a think tank, it is a German political foundation, that supports many Asian free market think tanks, mainly through the Economic Freedom Network (EFN) Asia, based in Bangkok. I just added here the website of FNF Philippine Office, headed by Jules Maaten.

Compared to US free market think tanks, institutes and foundations -- like Cato, ATR, Atlas, Heritage, AEI, Reason, etc. -- we from Asia have a lot more to learn and expand.

UPDATE, July 19:

I am expanding the list of Asian free market think tanks and institutes from 17 to 23 and checked their global ranking via today. The six institutes added are:

1. IPencil Economic Research Institute, Beijing,
2. India Institute, Delhi,
3. Shanghai Institute of Finance and Law (SIFL), Shanghai, headed by Fu Weigang,
4. Open Radio for North Korea, Seoul,
5. Asia Center for Enterprise (ACE), Delhi, headed by Baishali Bomjan,
6. Teach North Korean Refugees, Seoul, headed by Casey Lartigue.

In terms of online popularity, here's the ranking as of today.

1., Seoul
2., Beijing
3., Beijing
4., Islamabad
5., Delhi
6., Jakarta
7., Kuala Lumpur
10., Kathmandu
11., Seoul
12., Shanghai
13., Delhi
14., Delhi
15., Delhi
17., Hanoi
18., Tokyo
19., Manila
20., HK
21., Lahore
22., Jakarta

Will update in the coming days.

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